Club Meetings

The Rotary Club of Salisbury normally meets every Monday at 6.00pm [fellowship] for 6.30pm [meeting start time] at the Old Spot Hotel, 1955 Main North Road, Salisbury Heights. Occasionally (about once per month) members are encouraged to bring their partners (or other family members) where there is a guest speaker of wider appeal to enjoy the fellowship and friendship of club members.

Occasionally there is a Rotary Ladies Night [for both Rotarians and their wives or partners], in which case the usual meeting times are 6.30pm for 7.00pm. The venue varies for these evenings and they are generally once per month.

In a normal club meeting the “Sergeant-at-Arms” is responsible for maintaining good order of the meeting  – as far as is possible – that meeting times are adhered to and for conducting the “Sergeant’s Spot”.  The Sergeant’s Spot is usually a light-hearted segment of the meeting. The Rotary Club of Salisbury has a tradition of playing a game of “Heads and Tails / Two Up” in traditional Australian style where the prize is a $20 meal voucher to the Old Spot Hotel.

The President is responsible for the overall operations of the Club and the conduct of all meetings thereof. The President is supported by the Board of Directors and is, in effect, “Chairman of the Board”. In the absence of the President, the Vice President will normally assume the chair at meetings. In the absence of both the President and the Vice President, any available Past President may conduct the meeting.

The Secretary is responsible for the receipt and dispatch of correspondence and is also there to support and, if requested, advise the President. In addition, the Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Speaker’s Host, as the name suggests, is expected to greet the guest speaker on his/her arrival, extend the usual courtesy and hospitality – including the ordering of the guest speaker’s meal, introduce the guest speaker when invited to do so, conduct the question and answer session at the conclusion of the speaker’s talk and subsequently thank the speaker before presenting him/her with a small speakers gift.

Special meetings also occur within the Rotary Club of Salisbury. These are :-

  • 5th Monday Vocational meetings – where there is 5 Mondays in a month the night will be used for a vocational or club visit. In the past they have included tours of local businesses, dining at a new local restaurant and hearing from the owner, a tour of parliament house, slot car racing and joint club events with other local clubs.
  • Club forum – happens twice every 6 months where any paid up club member can raise a issue, try and influence opinion or ask questions to any of the club directors (through the President). This is a requirement of Rotary international. Sometimes the board will also use these sessions to seek feedback around strategic direction of the club..
  • Annual General Meeting – normally held in November, they will receive a report from the President, endorse audit functions of the club and elect the board for future Rotary year (starting some 7 months later). This provides a strong sense of planning and continuum for the club.
  • Rarely a special general meeting may be called if required to deal with a issue under the club constitution or a the request of a group of members.

 The Old Spot Hotel


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