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The Rotary Club of Salisbury has now members ranging from their 30’s through to members who were around shortly after the club was established in 1963.

As at July 2016 there is around 35 members.

The membership includes males and females and includes people from a wide variety of professions and roles including business owners, professional managers, business coaches, health and community sector workers, retired professionals and semi professionals, community leaders in the Non-government sector and people who just want to make a contribution . They have one thing in common in that they are willing to be community leaders and help make a difference in the world.

We have a number of number of members from our new arrival communities who have moved into the community and are also looking to make a difference.

Rotary prides itself on being inclusive of all religions, all cultures, being non-party political and it doesn’t care about your marital status. It is looking for people of good standing and commitment in the community to join with us to make a difference.

The Rotary Club of Salisbury also has honorary members who have been granted that status on the basis of their contribution to the local community. They include a member elected to State Government, two local counsellors and two people who have (and continue to) make a substantial contribution to our club.

“Friends of Rotary” is also a membership class of the club. Friends of Rotary is designed to engage and work with people who need a low cost option ($30 pa just to cover insurance), perhaps are looking to volunteer at least 1 day per month but don’t necessarily want to come to meetings or be involved in the decision making of the club or of Rotary. A number of people have started as “Friends of Rotary” and gone on to become full members.

Membership at all levels is currently open.

Check Out The Membership Page Here.

The Rotary Club of Salisbury also is the sponsor club for the Salisbury City Rotaract Club Inc. A partner service club for 18-30 year olds. Rotaract has similar ideals to the Rotary club but also has a increased focus on its members professional development. They currently have around 25 members.

Check Out The Rotaract Website Here.

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