The Process

The Process of the ‘Average’ Container Project

An interested sponsor will contact COH about sending a container to a place/organisation they already have contact with. After an initial meeting, the sponsor must provide all the paper work deemed necessary by COH and provide the funds necessary for any overseas costs (including land transport, customs clearance, etc) to COH before a container will be bought. This is often the longest part of the process.

Once a container is bought and has arrived at COH, the sponsor is then responsible for the loading of the container with donated and recycled goods. COH will assist with the packing to make sure it is done correctly, according to international shipping standards.

After the container is successfully loaded, COH will organise the shipping of the container to the country of destination. After the container arrives at the final destination, the sponsor must organise the full and complete distribution of the container contents to the intended recipients.

Finally, at the completion of the Container Project, the sponsor (or someone designated by the sponsor) must provide a distribution report to COH, with both written and photographic proof of this complete distribution. As for the empty shipping container, COH donates this to the intended recipients as well. They can do with it whatever they wish; whether it be to sell it to cover transport costs, for storage/shelter, or whatever other creative thing they may come up with!

Throughout this process, the sponsor and anyone else they can get involved commits to attending COH working bees, held once monthly, for a minimum of 6 months. This is a part of our Pay It Forward principle – Rather than throwing more money at the problem, we throw people.

The ‘average’ Container Project can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to complete, and as such, it is a huge commitment of time, money and resources for all involved. Whether it be helping out at a working bee, donating any items that are no longer needed, delivering/picking up/sorting any items that are received, giving a gift of money to send containers, or anything else at all, COH would appreciate any help you can give!

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