Fundraising Efforts

The Rotary Club of Salisbury has two key fundraising initiatives :-

  1. Rotary “Allsorts” Shop on Anderson Drive, Parafield Airport. The shop is open every Thursday and Saturday from 9.30am until 3.30 pm. It sells a huge variety of goods from high quality second hand clothes, furniture, crockery, tools, CDs and Vinyls, tools, electrically tested electronics and white goods, bric a brac. All goods are donated and sold cheaply. EFTPOS is available.  More inflation check out (again you don’t need to be a Facebook subscriber to see the page)
  2. BBQ grill trailer – a comprehensive professional, accredited BBQ trailer complete with 2 grills, pull out ice chests, massive prep and work area, dual gas bottles, and totally enclosed. The trailer is used by Rotarian to raise over $18,000 pa. Events attended are very diverse across the year. For booking enquiries contact


Thank you for providing information on Rotary .

Jodie Darley