Rotary Club of Salisbury South Australia


The Rotary Club of Salisbury South Australia was formed on the 13th of June 1963 and Chartered on the 12th of November 1963. The Club was formed by the sponsorship of our Mother Club, Prospect.

Eddie Hind was our first Club President was handed the Club’s Charter on Saturday the 29th February, 1964.   The event was staged in the Salisbury Community Hall with 250 in attendance.  During this initial charter year, Fellowship was successfully developed, projects were limited and membership was not increased. A successful project from Community Service under Geoff Bailey was the provision of Christmas Hampers to needy families on the Sunday morning before Christmas.

Snippets of Annual Reports for the Rotary Club of Salisbury South Australia:

1964-65.  Highlight of the year was the successful completion of the Salisbury Kitchen for Meals on Wheels. The kitchen was undertaken by the club as a project in July 1964, Community Service was charged with the organization of a meeting to get this under way. President Eddie was able to announce at the initial meeting that an anonymous donor had given 8,500 pounds to complete the kitchen. Lloyd Chambers was the Architect

1966-67.    Most important project of the year was the formation of the Rotary Club of Elizabeth. Rotary extension in this district was clearly indicated. DG Ferg Ballantyne was pleased to appoint Past President Alan Logan to be his special representative in the formation of this club. Alan spared no effort in this special office and as a result the Elizabeth club is a strong, keen and enthusiastic club. Eleven members transferred to the Elizabeth Club: Colin Freeman, John Bigg, Ian Dunstan, Harry Holman, John Joel, George King, Rob Roll, Leo Verschoor, Jack Wiltshire, Ian Markey and Ted Constable. Eighteen carefully selected new members also formed the Elizabeth Club.  DG Ferg Ballantyne presented the Charter at the octagon Theatre on April 19th 1967.

1968-69.  For the first time the Club participated in the Student exchange scheme by hosting Patricia McCook, from Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Seven Families extended their hospitality to this charming young lady and found the experience very rewarding. As a Club project, it was adjudged to be both successful and worthwhile in furthering the cause of International understanding and tolerance.

1972-73.    With the induction of twelve members, the goal of fifty was attained, in spite of losing two, one through change of address and sadly the passing of Charter Member Colin Harvey. Arthur Walters compiled a history of the first ten years of the club and thanks to an excellent bulletin and program of speakers, fellowship remained very good. The sale of crackerjack tickets at the Brahma Lodge realised over $3,300. A highlight was the attendance of 160 at the 10th Anniversary Dinner. Trips were made to Seppeltsfield Winery (twice), the movies and the Myponga Cheese Factory. Greetings cards were sent to clubs toasted at weekly meetings. Major donations were made to the District and Bush Nursing Society and Salisbury Senior Citizens and the painting of the Meals on Wheels kitchen was completed. A Rotaract Formation Committee was constituted and Vocational Service organised a youth debate “Do Parents Understand Their Children” and several very interesting speakers.

1973-74.  Highlights were the formation of the Rotaract Club of Salisbury, the hosting of Youth Exchange Student Scott Tudehope from Nebraska, USA and major donations to the Senior Citizens clubrooms, Barkuma and the Salisbury Drop-In Centre.

1978-79.  A major change for the club took place with a change of venue from the Brahma Lodge Hotel to the Old Spot Hotel but the better meals and atmosphere of the meetings resulted in better attendance and fellowship. The financial sources of the Crackerjack fund were lost but members rallied around and organised events to raise funds again resulting in great fellowship.

1982-83.    A highlight of the year was the commencement of the restoration of the Old Spot Water Wheel and the club worked hard for the last seven months on working bees.  This included stripping down and cleaning the remnants of the old wheel, the hub of which has been dated at circa 1850, and then rebuilding it.  The 1000th meeting was also special and most of the charter members and many former members and partners attended the celebrations.

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